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Slip and fall injuries are the most common cases that arise. Slip and fall accidents cover any case in which a foreign object or hazardous condition underfoot causes someone to fall and suffer injury.

A slip and fall can be caused by broken pavement, poor floor maintenance, improper signage, lack of hazardous condition warnings, a torn carpet, liquids spilled on the floor, obstructive objects, or any number of other conditions.

Many people think of icy sidewalks when they hear the phrase “slip and fall,” and in a Kentucky winter, ice and snow on a premises and sidewalks may certainly pose a hazard to pedestrians. However, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, grocery stores are the most common scene of slip and fall accidents.

Grocery shoppers can slip on foods or liquids spilled in the aisles; trip over dangerously-stacked displays; or slip on ice, water, or snow in the frozen-foods aisle or in the doorway. Other common sites of slip and fall injuries include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, apartment or condominium buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks. A Kentucky falling accident can occur on any property, and any slip and fall accident has the potential to result in injury.

A slip and fall accident victim can take legal action against the property owner or against the renter occupying the property if this owner or renter was negligent about warning adequately about a fall hazard or correcting it in a timely fashion.

Taking Legal Action After a Slip and Fall

When you are injured in a serious slip and fall accident, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against the person who owned the property or who was renting and responsible for the maintenance on the property. To be able to file a slip and fall claim, you need to show that:

  • The owner or renter had a legal obligation to you to make the property safe The owner fell short in fulfilling that obligation
  • You suffered harm as a result of the owner’s actions.

Proving these elements can be complicated, especially since there are specific rules about how evidence is collected and presented in a courtroom. A slip and fall attorney can help you to gather necessary evidence and try to make your case for damages.

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