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  • Frankfort DUI Attorney

  • Have you been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Frankfort? Do not wait another minute to get the exceptional defense that you need to avoid a conviction or an overly harsh sentence.


  • Do I Have A Case Worth Fighting?

    We believe every DUI case should be handled by an experienced attorney. During DUI arrests police must follow strict procedures, otherwise, the case could be thrown out. Furthermore, the equipment used to test and determine indicators like blood alcohol content such as the Breathalyzer must be correctly calibrated and administered by certified officers. John E. Cornett looks at all of the details surrounding a DUI case and helps clients determine if going to trial or negotiating a plea is the right approach.

  • Did You Refuse A Breath, Blood or Urine Test?

    Refusing tests does not guarantee that you won’t be convicted of a DUI. The state can still use evidence such as video or roadside test observations against you. In Kentucky, you could lose your license for 30 days for your first refusal. We have deep experience handling these types of cases.

  • Get Help With Your DUI

    If you have been arrested on a DUI charge in Frankfort or any other Kentucky county, get help from an experienced DUI attorney. Unlike other traffic related charges, which might be worth fighting without a lawyer, conviction for a DUI has serious consequences – especially if the incident involved injury to people or property, or if it’s your second or subsequent DUI. To avoid or reduce the consequences, your best bet is to find an attorney who is knowledgeable about Kentucky’s laws and about how the system works in Franklin county’s court.